Do you ever have to leave a work in progress?  Sometimes that's a good thing because you come back refreshed and able to see with a clear view.  Sometimes not so much because you might be like me and come back to stamps, ink and paper all over the table.  What does your craft area look like when you're creating?  When I have a work in progress my table can be quite a mess.    Tuesday, Thursday and Friday I spend working in my home office.  Lots of non-stamping activities take place like emails, ordering and website work, but several hours a week are also spent creating samples for you here, email tutorials, team meetings and newsletters and cards to send to friends, family and customers.   Whew!  When you type it all out no wonder I climb in bed ready for a good night's sleep:)

Today is a creative day – and I wanted to share what my work space looks like when I'm creating:

I will share a before and after later today on Facebook!  My work in progress is going to turn into customer thank you cards for all the wonderful orders I've received from the new catalog.  Are we connected on Facebook?  I hope so – take a minute to like my page to make sure we can keep in touch that way.

I'm going to start my Live Workshops again!  They will be on Facebook and then I will put them on YouTube.  If you want to see them and participate in Prize Patrols you'll want to be sure you've liked my page so that you get notifications of the upcoming live event!

What projects are you working on right now?  I would love to hear what you're up to!  Leave a comment and let me know!